The Judgement



The Judgement card in the tarot deck represents the concepts of awakening and arrival. It symbolizes a moment of profound transformation and signifies the need for self-reflection and forgiveness.


The image of figures rising from coffins represents the awakening of consciousness and the arrival of a new phase in life. The Judgement card invites us to listen to our inner calling and make choices that align with our authentic selves.


This card reminds us to let go of past judgments, release any guilt or regrets, and embrace the opportunity for renewal and personal growth. It serves as a reminder of our ability to break free from old patterns and emerge into a higher state of consciousness.


The Judgement card encourages us to embrace self-reflection, forgiveness, and the journey of spiritual awakening. It reminds us that we have the power to transform our lives and make choices that align with our true purpose.


By embracing the energy of the Judgement card, we can experience a profound awakening, release the burdens of the past, and step into a new chapter of our lives with clarity, authenticity, and a deep sense of purpose.


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