The Page of Cups



The Page of Cups in the tarot deck represents the concept of happy surprises and a dreamer’s spirit. It embodies a sense of innocence, creativity, and emotional exploration.


The image of a young figure holding a cup symbolizes the youthful and imaginative energy of the Page of Cups. It represents a state of openness and receptivity to new emotional experiences.


This card signifies a time of joyful and unexpected surprises. It invites us to embrace our inner dreamer and approach life with a sense of wonder and curiosity.


The Page of Cups encourages us to be open to the beauty and magic around us, as it may bring unexpected happiness and inspiration. It reminds us to follow our heart’s desires and trust in the power of our emotions.


By embracing the energy of the Page of Cups, we can cultivate a sense of delight, creativity, and emotional exploration. It reminds us to be open to the joyful surprises that life has to offer and to approach each day with a dreamer’s spirit.


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