The Three of Cups



The Three of Cups in the tarot deck represents the concepts of friendship and community. It embodies connection, joy, and social gatherings.


The image of three figures raising their cups in celebration symbolizes the spirit of friendship and unity. The Three of Cups signifies the importance of nurturing friendships and building a supportive community.


This card symbolizes the bonds of camaraderie, shared experiences, and mutual support. It invites us to embrace the spirit of celebration and togetherness.


The Three of Cups encourages us to surround ourselves with positive influences and enjoy the company of loved ones. It serves as a reminder to appreciate the power of friendship, laughter, and shared moments of happiness.


By embracing the energy of the Three of Cups, we can foster deep and fulfilling connections within our community. We can create a supportive network of friends and enjoy the joyous moments of togetherness.


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